Refugees Update

Friends of Family Hope,

This past Saturday at Family Hope’s Food Fair in partnership with Second Mile, we served a record crowd of 258 families.  Thanks to all the 100+ volunteers!  The Food Fairs are really an act of community love!

At the June 10th Food Fair, we are including a special effort to help the refugees from Venezuela.  
Please go to Family Hope’s website ( to read my letter to community leaders as an urgent plea to help these refugees who have settled near us.  As you have heard on the news, Venezuela’s economy is collapsing and thereby food and medicine are in short supply.  As a result, many younger families with children have decided to come to America (Katy) to begin a better life for their families.  However, they had to leave almost all financial resources behind so they have many needs. 
June 10th:  Food Fair for EVERYONE at River Bend Church.  9 am – Noon.  Food. 
              …at Parkway Fellowship for ONLY those from Venezuela: 9am – Noon.  
              clothes, furniture, medical consultations
              Children Clothes and shoes:  Bring them to Parkway Fellowship, Friday, June 9, 9am – 3pm
              …At Parkway Fellowship on ONLY Saturday, June 10:  
              Bring furniture (tables/chairs/beds/car seats/TV) 7:30am – 9am
              (NEEDED:  Men to drive trucks of furniture to homes)
We hope and pray for a generous response!

Don’t forget Family Hope’s Gala, Friday, June 23rd at Hemi Hideout.  Tickets are still $50@ until Monday, May 22nd.  It will be a fun evening with many restaurants sharing their choice foods, including Anthonie's Market Grill, Agave Rio, Clancey's, Fulshear Bakery, Little V Vietnamese Bistro, Ol’ Railroad Café, Proud Pie, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, and The Ballard House.
To purchase tickets: 
Checks: “Fulshear Outreach and Development”, P.O. Box 543, Fulshear, TX  77441 or online:

With Gratitude,
Dr. Dale Olson, Executive Director
Family Hope