Venezuelan Refugees

Dear Community Leader, Business Leader and Church Leader,

We have new neighbors in our community.  Because of the political unrest in Venezuela, many families are leaving the country and coming to America as political refugees to Houston and Katy.  Prior to this time, Miami was the first stopping place for people fleeing Venezuela.  Now Houston and Katy are the desired places to settle in their new country.  As I have come to know them, they are educated, left good jobs and family to start a new future in the United States.  Life under corrupt government in Venezuela has become unbearable, and they want a brighter future for their children.

These are the conditions reported on May 15, 2017:  “Several layers of dirt cover the floor.  Pigeons fly about the rooms and across dim hallways where a least half of the lights are out.”  This isVenezuela’s main hospital, Clinical University Hospital of Caracas.  Dr. Jorge Vicaya, Orthopdeic surgeon, shares the urgency, “We don’t have antibiotics and it is difficult to get them…I have witnessed five amputations since January and most of them were people who couldn’t find antibiotics.”   Nancy Perez, age 44, had a fractured femur and pelvis which resulted in losing part of her leg because of the lack of antibiotics.  (85% of drugs are unavailable to doctors and sometimes doctors have to substitute veterinary medicine.)  An astounding result of the collapse of the Venezuelan economy:  Last year 11,000 babies died within the first year of life. 

As Executive Director of Family Hope, I am pleading for your help!  The refugees of Venezuela are coming into Katy daily.  I am aware of the many political discussions about accepting refugees, but these are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they need your help now!  At Family Hope, we are meeting those who are living in the apartments on FM 1093 and 99. They are coming for food.  We are helping them with eyeglasses for their children and clothes for their infants and children.  

What can you do?  I am asking you to open your hearts to these people who suffer the deep emotions of fleeing their country while often their parents choose to stay in spite of the lack of food and medicine in Venezuela.  I remember in the 60’s when I was involved with resettling Vietnamese into America, and today they are very successful business leaders.  The refugees from Venezuela have the same work ethic and will to succeed in America.  Let’s give them a chance!

Family Hope is sponsoring a day to help refugees from Venezuela:  Saturday, June 10th: 

  • Food Fair at River Bend Church:  9am – Noon.  We need volunteers to help! Just come.
  • Clothes, Furniture, and Medical help at Parkway Fellowship: 9am – Noon
  • Infant and children clothes dropped off at Parkway Fellowship, Friday, June 9th, 9am – 3pm.
  • Furniture (beds, tables/chairs, TVs  dropped off ONLY Saturday, June 10th, 7:30am – 9am.
  • Financial donations may be given:  “Fulshear Outreach and Development,” P.O. Box 543, Fulshear, TX77441 OR online: financial gifts will go to help the refugees from Venezuela.)

I pray for your generous hearts!


With Gratitude.


Dr. Dale Olson, Executive Director