Thanksgiving Blessing

Dear Friends of Family Hope,

One family wrote to me recently, “Family Hope has made a difference in our lives when we were going through a hard time.  Now we are doing better because of Family Hope.” 

Family Hope is still helping people recover from the flood.  Just this past month, Family Hope gave out $15,000 of flood recovery funds to those still being impacted.  In addition, we continue to help people with furniture, medical, eyeglasses, rent and food.  Now I am asking you to help again. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, and families will be needing additional food to sustain their families.                                                                                                                           

THIS THANKSGIVING, would you consider giving a gift to help one or more families with food at Thanksgiving?

I have seen Texans step up when the need is the greatest!  Be a blessing in someone’s life. 

With Gratitude.

Dr. Dale Olson, Executive Director

Family Hope