Fixing Fulshear

Clean, repair and refurbish unsafe homes for families in need

Fixing Fulshear is a local ‘grass roots’ group of volunteers who clean, repair and refurbish unsafe homes for families in need with children and the elderly. We rely on donations and volunteer labor to make sure the home environment of people living poverty can be safe and comfortable. At Fixing Fulshear, our volunteers have been working on a dwelling for a well-deserving family as we celebrate strong women, children, and disabled in poverty.  

Meet Blanche

Blanche is a widowed woman who continues to work into her 70's and has worked hard all her life as a housekeeper.  She has a disabled son and a kindergarten granddaughter who reside with her.  When we found her,  the green trailer was falling apart, with wind and rain entering through the holes in the roof and where the wall seams were separating.  Winter winds and chill were ever present and the unsafe electricity worried us.  Frozen pipes kept Blanche from having water in parts of her house.  

So with generous contributions we did something about it, transforming the dilapidated trailer into a real safe, sturdily built home. We still lack funding to complete interior work but we are confident that with some more donations, we will be able to finish.  

Would you help Blanche into their home and others like her?  

Checks may be written to Fulshear Outreach and Development with "Fixing Fulshear" on the for line.  Many thanks for your kind consideration.