WHO We Are

In 2014, a group of pastors and community leaders came together to address the need of family services in the Fulshear-Simonton areas. As a result, a new organization was formed called Family Hope to be a place of COMPASSION and TRANSFORMATION for the community of Fulshear and Simonton in Fort Bend County.  

Our Mission

Transforming hurting people into healthy families through the hope of God.

OUR VALUES (WHY we serve)

HOPE not hopeless.  (Through the power of Christ, we have hope.)
UNIFIED not separate.  (We are connected to each other.)
WHOLE not broken.  (God desires the broken and hurting to be made whole.)


ASSIST - offering help with food in moments of crisis.  (Food Fair)
EQUIP - offering resources to identify, leverage and develop community assets to help people improve their lives.  (parent classes, ESL, counseling, educational events)
SERVE - offering a place to serve our neighbors and connect with resources and organizations to impact the communities.

Examples of those who BENEFIT from Family Hope:

A single mom needs additional food to supplement her income.
A person attending the Food Fair brings his resume’ to help him find a job.
Parents have a choice of two classes to improve their parenting skills.
A family affected by Hurricane Harvey receives financial help from Family Hope.
A family with no furniture receives a sofa and bed from Family Hope.

Dr. Dale Olson, Executive Director

Over 30 years leading organizations to impact lives and building healthier communities.  Dale’s bridge-making style partners with resources throughout Fort Bend County to help improve lives.  He has experience in counseling, education, family dynamics, conflict management, and has compassion for people in all economic levels. “I believe the communities of Fulshear, Simonton and northern Fort Bend County are better because of the strong voice and caring hands of Family Hope.”

Gledys Pulgar, Outreach Assistant

Meghan Lau, Bookkeeper