Flood Update

Today, we saw the fruits of the Fulshear-Simonton-Richmond-Katy communities coming together to help each other and care for one another. I was at the shelter at Fulshear High School all day to witness the love on display... with volunteers sharing food, hygiene products, and even special grace-filled cards to encourage each family staying over night. The volunteers who served cared so much for these families and shared their best gifts to them. Outside of the walls of the high school, flooding continues. A reminder of how fragile life is when two of our community residents drowned in the flood waters.

As grateful as we are for the community response, we are at full capacity with items so I encourage you to share a small or big financial gift. This is the next phase where the needs are so great, and you can provide a better world for them while they are so stressed and worried about tomorrow.


100% of these funds go directly to the flood relief

Tonight, we are aware of how much we need each other.