Raising Highly Capable Kidz Results

Family Hope offers many services for families. I serve as a facilitator for the Raising Highly Capable Kidz program. My observations have allowed me to see parents thrive.  Many participants shared how impressed they were with the positive information about the Search Institute’s 40 developmental assets.

The most recent graduation occurred on May 15, 2017. These graduating parents were excited to know that they were completing a course.  With so many incentives, attendance was very regular with few absences. The attendees enjoyed the positive environment. After the sessions, parents expressed how they planned to practice the assets. The parents now understand, more than ever,  how vitally important their children need their support to be successful.  Each person that attended graduated with a smile and a certificate of completion.  The parents used their voices to echo great appreciation for Family Hope, Dale Olson and the facilitators.

~ Linda Newsome Johnson, Facilitator, Raising Highly Capable Kidz